ERICA – A digital decision support for Swedish emergency care.

Project: Further development of the interface and functions of ERICA, a decision support system developed for the emergency department at the hospital in Trollhättan (NÄL).Course: Bachelor thesis, Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology (2017).Project team: Daniel Hallberg, Arto Kemppainen, Anna Kollberg, Ellen Korsberg, Sara Lindgren and Oscar Nilsagård.Project supervisor: Kristofer Bengtsson, Department of Signals and Systems, […]

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re-design of ticket machine interface.

Project: Usability study and re-design of SJs ticket machine interface Course: Usability – metoder och verktyg Project team: Sara Lindgren, William Falkengren, Billy Astorsson, Nils Arvidsson och  Karin Lagercrantz. Background SJ (Scandinavian Railways) has ticket machines at 80 train stations throughout Scandinavia. The studied and current version was introduced to the users during 2016 and lets the users […]

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sustainable coffeemaker.

Project: re:PHILIPS coffeemakerCourse: Hållbar Utveckling, Chalmers University of TechnologyRendering: Oscar Johansson, Billy Astorsson and Markus NilssonGraphics: Sara Lindgren and Emil Westman This project is a part of the course Hållbar Utveckling at Chalmers University of Technology. The task was to redesign a coffee maker with sustainability in focus. The reference object The object analysed was a low price coffeemaker […]

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