Current project: Master Thesis for Returkultur

I’m currently pursuing my master thesis with the organisation Returkultur that aims to increase sharing and reuse within the cultural sector of region Västra Götaland. The master thesis aims to shine a light on which functions that are needed on a digital platform where equipment (such as lighting, speakers etc) can be borrowed and material […]

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Project: UX, UI and web design for (former BioNote). Role: Freelance UX/UI Designer (September 2017 – May 2018), Design Intern (January – June 2017) Client: About is an application where you easily can log and share the species you see, ask for help identifying the species in your photos, or help others! The app […]

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ERICA – A digital decision support for Swedish emergency care.

Project: Further development of the interface and functions of ERICA, a decision support system developed for the emergency department at the hospital in Trollhättan (NÄL).Course: Bachelor thesis, Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology (2017).Project team: Daniel Hallberg, Arto Kemppainen, Anna Kollberg, Ellen Korsberg, Sara Lindgren and Oscar Nilsagård.Project supervisor: Kristofer Bengtsson, Department of Signals and Systems, […]

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sustainable coffeemaker.

Project: re:PHILIPS coffeemakerCourse: Hållbar Utveckling, Chalmers University of TechnologyRendering: Oscar Johansson, Billy Astorsson and Markus NilssonGraphics: Sara Lindgren and Emil Westman This project is a part of the course Hållbar Utveckling at Chalmers University of Technology. The task was to redesign a coffee maker with sustainability in focus. The reference object The object analysed was a low price coffeemaker […]

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