A digital platform for sharing assets within the culture sector

Master thesis by me and Olle Trens done in collaboration with the organisation Returkultur. Returkultur is an organisation that aims to increase sharing and reuse within the cultural sector of region Västra Götaland. The master thesis aimed at shining a light on which functions that are needed on a digital platform where equipment (such as lighting, speakers etc) can be borrowed and material from cultural productions reused.

The thesis is currently in the process of being published, and will be linked here when it is. If you want to know more about this specific project before then feel free to contact me at saralouiselindgren@gmail.com! Until the you can also view some of the platform interface design below.

The product catalog, where the user can find products based on availablity or category:

Product page, where the user can view product details, user feedback and start the reservation requesting process:

Member catalog, with the goal to expand the creators network and inspire:

User profile, containing information about the user as well as the previous loans:

Adminstative platform, overview of upcoming pick-up/drop-offs as well as reservation and membership requests:


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