BioNote – Identify the worlds species, together!

Project: UX, UI and web design for BioNote of Sweden AB.
Role: Freelance UX/UI Designer (September 2017 – Now), Design Intern (Spring 2017)
Client: BioNote of Sweden AB

headerbionote_Rityta 1.png

About BioNote

BioNote is an application where you easily can log and share the species you see, ask for help identifying the species in your photos, or help others! The app aims to connect the scientific community with everyone else, through a simple and engaging digital platform.

BioNote is currently in it’s beta phase, and you can read more and sign up for the beta release here!

My role at BioNote

During my time as an intern and freelancer at BioNote I’ve been responsible for the interaction flow and the graphical user interface design of the BioNote application (mobile/desktop). I’ve produced mockups and graphic elements such as icons and illustrations for the app, as well as redesigning the product website in Webflow.

Design examples

The mobile application

bionoteportfolio2_Rityta 1 kopia.pngbionoteportfolio_Rityta 1

The UI sketches were made in Sketch, and the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

The BioNote website

bionoteweb_Desktop Vector Mockup

The website was designed using Webflow, you can visit it here!


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